The PSTC Goal
Our mission is to provide high-quality assessment and HR consulting services to public- and private-sector organizations, large and small.

PSTC develops and publishes online assessments of the traits and competencies of job applicants and workers (abilities, personality, motivation, values, skills), as well as the objective work activities required of jobs (job analysis).

Several factors set us apart from our competitors.

Expert Staff
Our team includes Ph.D.-trained scientist/practitioners with degrees in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Psychometrics who have extensive applied experience conducting test development, validation, and job analysis projects.




Commitment to Technical Excellence
We take an "old school" approach to job analysis and test validation — that is, we don't cut corners, and we believe in producing solutions that conform with the goals of the Uniform Guidelines and other relevant standards documents regarding the need for convincing empirical demonstrations of validity and reliability.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in test-development, including computer-adaptive testing (CAT), item-response theory (IRT) calibration and scoring, IRT-based assessment of test "fairness" using differential item functioning (DIF) statistics, and IRT appropriateness indices to assess ratings quality.

Flexible Focus
Unlike giant firms that stress a "one size fits all" approach, we enjoy doing custom projects that involve test development, test validation, web-software development, competency modeling, and similar functions.

Commitment to Open Standards and Security
We develop our online assessment and job analysis services using Java and other "open" standards. The robustness of our web-based solutions has been demonstrated by over 15 years of applied use.


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