We're Committed to Respecting Privacy

PSTC is committed to maintaining the privacy of all personal identifying information that we collect from you, from your web browser, or from the interactive browser sessions you have with our server (if you are using our online test administration services).

We will never sell or release personal information on you to third-parties.

Information obtained from online testing administrations will be provided only to the client or entity that paid for the administration.

The only other use to which data collected from online testing sessions will be put is to allow us to perform statistical analyses designed to refine our tests, and/or update their norms and scoring-systems. Any data produced from such analyses will be reported only in the aggregate.




Although we do not leave any permanent identifying or tracking information such as "cookies" on your computer, during online testing sessions we unavoidably must save and use information provided by you and/or your web browser (e.g., login name, IP address, session ID) in order to maintain the integrity of the testing process, to ensure that the correct items are presented to you, and guarantee that all of your item responses are correctly recorded.

Please contact us for more information if you have any questions regarding the above.


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