Move Your Tests Online
At PSTC, we specialize in helping employers migrate their existing paper-and-pencil tests to the web. Regardless of whether you're a small employer in a single site, or a major corporation with sites across the country, PSTC can work with you to move your assessments online (including providing web hosting services).

PSTC offers state-of-the-art test development services, including upgrading your existing assessments to use item response theory (IRT) and computer-adaptive testing (CAT) to reduce testing time and increase item security.

Or Use Our Tests
PSTC has developed an expanding line of person-side assessments that you can use to address your company's applicant screening and selection functions. These include measures of cognitive ability/critical thinking, as well as faking-resistant personality and situational-judgment tests. See the site for details.




Web Development Expertise
Our web developers have the skills needed to produce efficient, stable, and secure web-based assessment systems. For over 25 years, PSTC has provided custom software-development services to our clients. We specialize in Java-based, platform-neutral, web-based solutions.

Psychometric Expertise
Few firms can offer the services of skilled web developers who are also experts in job analysis, assessment, validation, and advanced psychometric methods. As our publications page illustrates, PSTC's consultants are able to apply cutting-edge psychometric methods to help you solve your applied assessment needs.

Please contact us for more information regarding the ways in which PSTC may be able to help your organization automate or upgrade your applicant screening, employee survey, or other testing or certification processes.


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